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Alternative protocols for headaches

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Many clients who come in for a treatment have back pain, shoulder soreness or neck stiffness. Whenever it gets severe, it causes headaches, jaw pain, eye shooting pain, dull ache, numbness, dizziness, tingling sensation to the fingers, sciatic nerve pain, sleeping disorders...etc ,but let's talk about headache today.

It could be many reasons--slept in a funny position, watched TV on the coach in an awkward position, ate too much chocolate or had a lot of coffee, looking at the smartphone for a long period of time, Girls, future, finance,,,,a loooooooot of things to think about!! However, I think the majority of the causes comes from work-related physical tension and posture, which goes back to history of how you take care of your emotions (suppress or express )and stress that comes from that, and the underlying deeper aspect of the spiritual wound and trauma that needs to be healed.

In a physical aspect, it depends on where do you feel the headache. Back of the head, base of the scalp, temporal headache, dull headache, frontal headache. Whichever muscles get tight, it creates little palpable nodules which we call "Trigger points" that refer to different pain patterns , like radiating locally or distally depending on which muscles or fascia(connective tissue that wraps around muscles, nerves, organs etc) is tight. Pain points are holding patterns that reflect the subconscious patterns to resist and suppress, as such as, they lock us into the traumatic reality we try to avoid--but there is no avoiding.When we 'lean into it' and unravel the 'knots', gems of insight are released , and the trapped chi is released. Chi may be thought of as 'moving awareness' that vitalises and evolves the body.For example, a most common tightness would be Upper Trapezius. Whenever the Upper Trapezius gets tight and the trigger point is active, it refers pain such as temporal headache, jaw pain or soreness around the base of the scalp. So I would release these trigger points, stretch the fascia and perform lots of circular friction to promote blood flow to loosen up the tension of the muscle.

If we look at the emotional aspect, I will integrate with Belvaspata (a profound healing modality that works into all levels of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual)and use Fragrance alchemy(Beautiful powerful oils works with frequency) to purify the 12 main ordinary meridians and the 8 extraordinary meridians related to the emotions and organs implicated, in order to promote the chi flow whenever the has blockages show up. There are clues on what is to be focused on, depending on how you deal with stress from the emotional triggers. Do you get overwhelmed? frustrated? depressed? lost? angry? sad? The distortion we have in the emotions also shows up in the physical aspect, so that we can explore where the headache is coming from.What I do is to release the tension that has been held and create a space of unravelling, release, and the integration of higher possibilities. You might feel warmth, light, loved, safe and may feel emotional release, have flashes of new insight, etc

The last and the broad part is the spiritual aspect. I am still exploring and training (with amazing Anita!) in a deeper level but there is a huge underlying cause for all disease and pain that comes from the spiritual level. In our psyche, each of us has an Inner Child, Inner Sage, Inner Nurturer, Inner Warrior(and other sub-personalities that bring in our greater Self)and it is the balance and harmony within that determines a tensionless state in the body.Without tension, the body heals and regenerates itself.

What I will work on for headaches, I will work with Belvaspata healing modality which is so profound and powerful. There are protocols for systemic illness, self-abandonment, heart healing, cancer, organs, meridians, chakras, joints and muscles and on and on... and these works on all levels of being.When we heal the trauma that was holding from the past, and create the space to align the Gut, Heart, Head(known as the three dantien centres), we open to a a greater aspect of our being that exists beyond illness.Also combined is alchemical sound healing, using music elixirs that eliminate subliminal distortions in places that could not be reached otherwise.These powerful elixirs were created and sung by the great Seer Almine.

Clearly there is much more involved to the one symptom of "Headache", and I integrate a comprehensive and holistic approach in what I offer, as my sincere desire is to offer to you what will works for you to restore ease and comfort in your body and your life! Every single person has a different body and a unique history, so will have different needs; and so the treatment will be different for each. My passion is to explore these tools to support more flow in your life through releasing the density of the body. This is not just an ordinary remedial massage (oooo...What is Yuka doing and going to do?!)-- I am looking to go much deeper in my own awakening, and am so very happy to have found powerful modalities to support you to deeper and broader healing so you feel more freedom and connection to our own body, heart and mind. Quite simply .....

If you are Happy, I am Happy !!

With lots of love and light,



-Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction (Travell and Simons)

-Trail Guide of the Body (Andrew Biel)

- (Anita Lucia Briggs)




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