Compassionate communication

Today, I just wanted to share with you that I recently finished a training course of “Non-violent

communication” with Niwa Koko-san ( actually had a strong impact upon myself this


I know many of you understand the benefits of Yoga and Meditation and that "Good feeling" after finishing a class or a session.

But I assume many people are trying to find time to book a Yoga class or sit down and meditate or wondering how to use the Yoga tips or some affirmations that you learnt from a book in the real life when you have challenging things happening in everyday life.

This course I took about Nonviolent communication (developed by Marshall Rosenberg) is a simple philosophy and tools that we can integrate into our everyday life.

It requires a bit of practice, but I also think it is a worthwhile lifetime practice.

It makes it easier to have clear communication with others and yourself.

No judgement, No blame, No complaints, No excuses which is a hard concept to practice towards others but it works when we look inwards towards our feelings more carefully. Listening is Gold!

I am offering an opportunity to work together and share about Non-violent communication in my course which is once a week, each week over 1 month. Sessions will be via Zoom and will be total of $200 for the whole month course.

It helped me a lot already in such a short time so I hope that it will be beneficial for overcoming your struggles too.

Let me know if you are interested by Email.

Let's Create " Peace" from within! Have a lovely day!

Love, Yuka


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