Distance Belvaspata healing session by donation

During this time, I would like to offer remote Belvaspata healing session by donation such as payment that you could afford or how much you felt it was valued.

Just let me know if you are ....stressed!!! overwhelmed!! panic!!! and I can not go to massage !!!

Here I am ! I am here for you. Let's find out what we could do together.

Managing fear and uncertainty creates resilience.

We do not want to put too much energy into fear, anxiety and worries.

What we want to become is being still like the eye of the storm.

I totally understand how scary and fearful would it be to loose our jobs and feeling the uncertainty about the future. How intense would it be people who are working on the front line such as doctors, nurses, teachers and of course how heart aching people who are struggling with this virus already and for the family members who are around. I feel you.

I have been doing the remote Belvaspata healing for a while and I feel it is very profound and as powerful as hands-on session. Some of you may feel scary to spend money that you can not visibly see, but I found it is so powerful healing and calming that it expands ourselves with frequency and light that opens up the potential.

The best healer is yourself!!

I have done distance sessions who lives in U.K, U.S, Canada, Japan, Italy, Spain and other states in Australia and I hear miraculous feedback that always blows me away.

Right now, all the ego, fame, money rips away and letting us stop and realise what is important in our life and what we appreciate in little things such as truth, respect, compassion, love, care, life to live, healthy body, food to eat, shelter to sleep, planet that we live.....

Let's trust the unknown future and possibility that is evolving to the new reality.

So.... What I actually do during this remote Belvaspata session, It takes about 30min-1 hour .

What I would suggest is to lay down on a comfortable space with no distractions about an hour or so.

Relax your tongue, relax the jaw, calm the mind, relax the heart centre, and breathe from the belly.

Feel your heart is expanding wider and wider that you could see the whole planet within, and the sun, and then all the galaxy within.

Then once I hold a space to expand your frequency and light, I will draw the Angel sigils what is calling or if you have any specific disease, chakras, meridians, emotions or anything that you want me to work on I could prepare. It works in all level physically, emotionally,mentally, spiritually.

Let me know if you need something like this right now.

I will not set up a price because I think people who really needs help or struggling would be hard to afford extra things at the moment, so I would like to offer a session as a donation or how much you felt worth for the session would be much appreciated.

Stay safe, healthy and keep warm smile in your heart.

With lots of love and light,



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