Guided meditation and self-massage by Zoom

If you are struggling with fear and anxiety

what I would like to offer is "Holding the space" for you.

Calm the busy mind that all the stories that you are holding on to

and come back to the present moment

"Here and Now".

Through the Zoom session I would like share self-massage (5-10min)

focusing on the pressure points for overcoming fear, anxiety and depression and then

guide you through Head-Heart-Gut centre meditation.

The payment will be by donation whatever amount you could afford or

how much you felt it was valued. Any amount would be much appreciated.

The quick neck , shoulder, ear, face, scalp self-massage I have upload on insta IGTV

(I am trying to upload the video on this blog as well but still struggling....)

Hope it helps and support you in any kind of ways.

You are not alone !

With lots of love



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