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Let's honour our body

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

I still remember when I first received massage. At that time, I was just so busy, so stressed, exhausted and frustrated about my circumstance and irritated to myself. The body was feeling the tension, pain and soreness all the time.  I did not had any clue how to get out from this pain but when I received this massage,  it changed my life.

It was far beyond massage. just beyond, beyond and beyond.... The layers of my tension start to loosen ,my breath was getting deeper, my tears was coming out and my brain was melting.  I felt I was asleep for 1 week for this 1 hour massage. It was magical , felt secure, felt warmth and felt "I am back".  What was the tension that I was holding? The pain and thoughts that I actually didn't need to hold on to.

That massage brought me back to the connection to my mind and body. Even I was starting Ashtanga Yoga, changing my diet to Macrobiotic, Studying Ayurveda.... this one hour of touch of the healing hands was just so powerful. Since then, my curiosity of holistic health went on and on ...

After I became a massage therapist, I am trying my best for my clients to experience the same feeling that I had.  Integrate the therapies that is best for the clients. Body is so honest that the layers of the tightness shows the history of the clients. Every single person have different stories, backgrounds, perception that carries in  physical, emotional and spiritual body and I just want to reveal the pure essence of you  with respect, praise, love and gratitude.  When the body relax, the mind relax and we could be more clear about what we truly  need to focus. Get more clarity about our gut feeling, intension and that is the  Trueself that we want to express in this life.

Let's honour our body giving us life. Body is Amazing! Come on in for massage, let's take off our heavy coat and let's be light as a bird!

With lots of love and light,


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