Sunset Silent Meditaton

Dear Darwin friends and friends around the 🌏😀✨

Anyone interested in sunset silent meditation with us?🙏

The beautiful dry season is here and we are so excited!

We are planning the day before the next New moon which is Monday 10th of May.

Just sit down quietly, gaze the sunset together,feel the wind wrapping around our skin, feel the warmth of the Earth and just to be still.

We would like to respect each one of our own space and process, so no talk nor guidance through the meditation.

When I first grasped the beauty and the power of meditation was 6years ago when I did the Yoga teacher training @bloominglotusyoga .

It is easy to meditate when we are happy and life is going well, but the real power shows up and challenges us when our life goes crazy and feeling end of the world.

I am definitely sure that I need more practice (my mind is all over the place 😅) and I am sure if we meditate together the power is incredible!!

So,my beautiful dear friend and Yoga instructor @_restore_meditate_heal_w_prue_ and myself would like to invite you.

If you have no idea about what to do during meditation but you would like to try , no problem 😉Just come and sit together, your mind might jump up and down like a roller coaster at first but after around 20min you may feel the deep calmess and connection like after the typhoon.

or someone living in a different country, place or too tired to come out but you want to join, no problem 😉 It doesn't matter about the time and space, let's slip through the linear time and be in the infinite present moment.

Because it is before the new moon, it would be also nice to bring a little note and a pen to write down what pops up in your mind during the meditation.It might be a little hint or direction for your next unknown vastness future.

So, if you are interested let us know😊We are going to create a fb page which has details on it .

Looking forward to connect with you 🧡




あぁ〜ドライシーズン、気持ち良い季節ですね!くーっ わくわくする〜😆


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