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Remedial Massage Therapy 

60mins  $110.  90mins $150

A hands-on, professional and effective holistic treatment using a broad range of techniques that have beneficial effects  to improve overall wellbeing. After thorough assessment, Yuka designs the treatment to achieve the best outcome.

*Swedish Massage   *Deep Tissue Massage *Myofascial Release *Trigger Point Therapy *Positional Release *Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Pregnancy Massage 

60mins  $110

Regular relaxing soothing pregnancy massage is a nurturing treatment with gentle stroking techniques.It is beneficial in decreasing depression, anxiety, leg and back pain and cortisol levels (stress hormone). It may also decrease the rate of incidence of  premature birth and can sometimes reduce excessive foetal activity. 


60mins  $110

Yin-Yan balancing reflexology is a hands-on traditional massage technique  that stimulates pressure points on the feet that correspond to each of the body's organ systems encouraging balance and wellbeing.  It is also effective for conditions such as plantar fasciitis or drop feet.

Reiki treatment 

60mins  $110

Reiki is called "Universal Energy" or "Spiritual Energy " and originated in Japan.


There are hands-on and hands-off techniques that are really subtle and gentle. You may feel warmth, peaceful, energized and often feels more alert. During the treatment you may feel as if you are in a deep meditative state that reduces stress, improves balance and will harmonise energy flow in your body.

​Facial Regeneration with Rose Quartz 

30mins  $50

Private Health fund rebate nor referral discount card not available.

​Stimulate the acupressure points, meridians,  purify the chakras, Marma points of face, ears, neck and shoulders with the blessed Rose Quartz kit by the Seer Almine. Clearing the 24 layers of matrices on the skin and in the organs. 

​Distance Belvaspata session

​Private health fund nor referral discount card not available.

​Belvaspata is a profound healing modality that works into all levels of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. There are protocols for systemic illness, self-abandonment, heart healing, cancer, organs, meridians, chakras, joints and muscles and on and on.  Distance session is available as well.

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